San Pedro Sula, Where Prosperity Began

I always find writing about San Pedro Sula exciting. As a native of this city, I feel great pride in what the history and the infrastructure of San Pedro Sula mean for the country. All of this has been possible thanks to the tireless effort of its citizens, who selflessly see development as a daily goal.

San Pedro Sula is synonymous with a deeply rooted cultural history, a present that strives to transcend itself every day and a future that can be as great as its inhabitants propose. The expansion that has begun here seems relentless.

The geographical location of the Industrial Capital is truly a privilege to its own and to visitors, as it can be a meeting point and departure to key points in the rest of the country. Not to mention it provides easy access to the second largest airport in Honduras, as well as the most important port in Central America.

Its warm climate harmonizes with the warmth of its people, who in a casual and lively way welcome visitors. While smiling they open the doors of hospitality to those who, as they leave, are already wanting to return. As it is said in a local saying:

Come to San Pedro once; you’ll always return.

Landmarks describe its history. To mention a few: the National Railway, the Gran Hotel Sula, the Fuente Luminosa (lighted fountain), the Centro Cultural Sampedrano, the Cathedral, and if escaping to  nature is your thing, the impressive mountain range Merendon envelops an already lush San Pedro Sula.

If we wish to speak of development, this city is equivalent to it. National leader in exemplary projects, San Pedro Sula is home to the first smart city in Central America, which is developing in the northwest region. Gates are being opened to what may be the most important job generation site in recent years.

Strolling through the streets of San Pedro Sula means seeing the faces of a diligent people, stories at every corner, kindness wherever you may go and an infrastructure that stands true to the city. This city  is witness to its citizens, who are a sign of a continued engagement with the land in order to set forth new ideas.

The emotive nature and work ethic of its citizens and the integrity of those who have shaped this city for years, are the hallmark of excellence in San Pedro Sula both inside and outside of the country.

San Pedro Sula is a city that proudly runs in its citizens’ blood, because every day she teaches us to discover why we should love her more and more.

Elena Toledo
Elena is an educator by training and a social media specialist by conviction. Her passions are social development and human rights. She believes that citizen journalism is the best way to give a voice to the voiceless and hopes to show the best of the country through Buen Día Honduras.

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