We Need Mirrors

I have thought a lot about this project’s purpose ever since it was launched some time ago. This purpose goes beyond bringing better news for our countrymen, both in Honduras and those living abroad chasing their dreams. An important part of our mission is to inform others about our country, its culture and its people.

It is easy to see we have abundant wealth in this country, since we are surrounded by stunning natural resources, worthy of our admiration. These resources include dense forests where flora and fauna share their beauty with us and where we can see numerous natural sources of pure water, and also the beaches in both coasts, each with its particular appeal.

Honduran culture has been blessed by history, because aside from having diversity in the various ethnic groups within the country, we have a spectacular culinary diversity. So much so, that our cuisine is the source of inspiration for chefs such as Jamie Oliver and Jose Escalante. We also have, in the words of Fernando Carias, creator of the “Honduras is Great” page on Facebook, direct access to history, which is within our grasp at Copan, Comayagua and Gracias, to name a few.

Many Hondurans are excelling in the arts, sciences and technology. Honduran film is now being displayed abroad, and every day there are more Honduran musicians and artists crossing borders with their work. There are also many Hondurans leading cultural, social or tech projects that have the potential to become a source of change in the environment within which they operate.

These projects and the Hondurans behind them represent a key for development in Honduras. However, information about them is not always available, since the media focus on disseminating other kinds of information to their audience. The same applies to knowledge about this country in general. Many Hondurans actively support domestic tourism, but many more do not because they know not what their own country has to offer. Thousands of tourists travel to neighboring countries to visit other beaches, forests and attractions without realizing that there is much to see here.

In Honduras we need mirrors that reflect the beauty of our country, its culture and its people. In this age of tech, global communication, the Internet and social networks, it is much easier to share information with others, even those who are thousands of kilometers away from our country. I invite you to share Honduras with your family, friends and acquaintances, so that we can reflect what truly represents our country and ourselves.

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Vanessa Arita
Vanessa, an enthusiastic bibliophile and graphic design educator, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design and Italian Studies. Her participation with Buen Día Honduras marks her debut into citizen journalism.

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