We Need Mirrors

I have thought a lot about this project’s purpose ever since it was launched some time ago. This purpose goes beyond bringing better news for our countrymen, both in Honduras and those living abroad chasing their dreams. An important part of our mission is to inform others about our country, its culture and its people….


San Pedro Sula, Where Prosperity Began

I always find writing about San Pedro Sula exciting. As a native of this city, I feel great pride in what the history and the infrastructure of San Pedro Sula mean for the country. All of this has been possible thanks to the tireless effort of its citizens, who selflessly see development as a daily…


Building in Hope

The population in Honduras is composed primarily of young people: a tendency that will remain throughout the following decades if we consider that the birth rate is invariably high. Based on this premise, we know that we have a breeding ground of minds that are springing up proposals that are innovative, fresh, bold and bringing…

I observe the faces of people who want to and who make an effort to give their best on a daily basis, to begin anew each and every day.

Listening to, Observing and Appreciating Honduras

To hear is not the same as to listen. To see is not the same as to observe and to have is not the same as to value. These concepts have made a difference during my morning walks through San Pedro Sula, the most berated city by international opinion in terms of crime rate, and…