Dreaming Big with Eduardo Umanzor

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Interviewing someone who works in the arts is always exciting, since his or her experiences contain special characteristics, influences, stories, lessons. This was something truly that motivated me when I knew I would learn about his experiences firsthand from Eduardo Umanzor, who was leader of the successful though now separated band “Montuca Sound System.”

Before beginning our formal interview, we exchanged our impressions on a song which was currently trending. I noticed that his hands were keeping beat with the song, as if the melody were flowing through his veins. There is no doubt: he is a natural-born musician.

Eduardo Umanzor has just begun his career as a solo artist. He began this new chapter in life when he played his first concert in San Pedro Sula in November of 2012. He is a down to earth young man, but one that exudes confidence in what he does, in the talent that he possesses, in where he comes from and sure that the future was made to be conquered. He knows he will reap the success that has been sown during years of being perseverant.

Image Courtesy of Eduardo Umanzor || Photo: M. Ayala || October 2012

He shared that he began by learning how to play the recorder and participating in choir. Then he took piano and drums lessons. His first musical group was called Roznamu (Umanzor spelled backwards). And with this he recognizes the great support he receives from his family, since without it, he would not be able to achieve his greatest dream of dedicating his life to his music.

Despite having just begun his solo career, he already has some big achievements under his belt, such as performing opening acts for Ricardo Arjona and Maná. This has helped him strengthen his positive attitude regarding the reality of our country regarding the artistic scene.

Rather than difficulty, I see great opportunity, since in Honduras one can stand out because there are few of us who are privileged to dedicate our lives entirely to this craft. Opportunities arrive because you believe in what you are doing.

He allows his leadership skills to show, wanting to lead others to believing in their own dreams, in their own abilities and in Honduras as a fertile ground for pioneers in artistic fields or in any field.

Having a Honduran passport sometimes weighs greatly on you and you think you’re less because of it, because you’re Honduran. I sometimes encounter people that I would like to shake and say: «Why don’t you believe in yourself more?»

One of the fruits of this musical journey is a single entitled “Sólo sé que eres bella” (I Just Know You’re Beautiful). With its pleasant beat, identified by Umanzor as Alternative Latin Pop, the single narrates a budding love story. Its video was recorded on location in Santa Lucía, Valle de Ángeles and Tegucigalpa in order to show some of the natural beauty Honduras has to offer.

Art from the single Sólo Sé Que Eres Bella
Image Courtesy of Eduardo Umanzor || Photo: M. Ayala || Artwork: Quimera MD

His next release, which he is already working on, is entitled “Cantemos Juntos” (Let’s Sing Together) which he will deliver to Hondurans in light of the next World Cup in Soccer. The lyrics of this new single were inspired by Nelson Mandela and all of his achievements surrounding rugby and what this has consequently reflected in soccer.

To conclude our interview, we asked the musician what his advice would be to a younger man starting out, or someone who would like to follow in his steps.

If I were to have to say anything to a 13-year-old who was just starting out in music, I’d say that he should follow his instincts, fight for what he desires, and that whatever he do, he do well. It doesn’t matter that the place that you come from is tiny; if you dream big you’lll be capable of achieving many things.

Getting to know Eduardo Umanzor is getting to know the essence of a young Honduran who fights, believes, loves, perseveres, makes his way as he goes and believes in a country that can shake stigmas in order to be a great propeller of ideas.

Scroll to the bottom to see the Official Music Video for “Sólo Sé Que Eres Bella”.
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Elena Toledo
Elena is an educator by training and a social media specialist by conviction. Her passions are social development and human rights. She believes that citizen journalism is the best way to give a voice to the voiceless and hopes to show the best of the country through Buen Día Honduras.

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  1. Maria Ela UmanzorReply
    08/05/2014 at 8:34 am

    I love u Edu, all the best for you in this journey to get the biggest dream you are looking for. Xoxo, Tia Mariela, Miami, Florida, USA

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