Building in Hope

The population in Honduras is composed primarily of young people: a tendency that will remain throughout the following decades if we consider that the birth rate is invariably high. Based on this premise, we know that we have a breeding ground of minds that are springing up proposals that are innovative, fresh, bold and bringing winds of change for a country that is definitely ready for it. It is necessary for the country to come back into the position it was in a few decades ago, when it was considered the “Breadbasket of Central America.”

Honduras is a country that will motivate and inspire and a country full of opportunities for those who are eager to heighten its name. Let the past serve as a reminder of success. Let it also serve to improve upon success, because in Honduras we have a generation of young creative people who are investing their talent into this land, implementing new concepts in various areas, leading our country into a new era in technology, communications, entrepreneurship and modern proposals within an ever-changing society.

Honduras is a country that will motivate and inspire and a country full of opportunities for those who are eager to heighten its name. This is a place with a bigger future than its past, with doors ready to be created, bridges ready to be crossed, and with many stories yet to be written.

It is exciting to take the phone and contact someone from my age group and know that we are able to complement each others’ strategies. It is also exhilarating to hear about fresh experiences filled with optimism, which is typical of someone who is starting up in a field and who maintains the genuine enthusiasm and purity of his or her ideas, and to top it off, embraces a certainty that the country in which he or she was born is the best to achieve his or her Honduran Dream.

Don’t you know which generation I’m referring to yet? Well surely if you’re a parent I’m referring to your son or daughter; if you’re an educator, I’m referring to your student; if you’re a supervisor, I’m referring to that employee who is still a college student; if you’re young, I’m talking about you.

Your country is you, and you are your country. Trust in it, contribute to it and generate change for its betterment, because this land also wants to be a part of your success.

Elena Toledo
Elena is an educator by training and a social media specialist by conviction. Her passions are social development and human rights. She believes that citizen journalism is the best way to give a voice to the voiceless and hopes to show the best of the country through Buen Día Honduras.

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