What is Buen Día Honduras?

Buen Día Honduras (Good Day Honduras) was created to promote Honduras and its people. We aim to inspire patriotism, while helping create a more balanced country image at home and abroad. We choose to inform our readers about the positive events taking place in Honduras and the wonderful things Hondurans are doing at home and abroad. Our vision is that our work will inspire and empower Hondurans to proactively find positive solutions to the challenges facing our society every day.

Part of Social Change

Buen Día Honduras is published by Grupo Creativo Crisálide, a social enterprise based in Honduras. By publishing features relating to initiatives and people that are creating positive changes in our country, Buen Día Honduras supports their efforts. By drawing attention to such efforts, we hope to inspire more citizen involvement in order to facilitate and expand their development.

Our Name

What’s in a name? Behind ours is the story of why Buen Día Honduras came to be. “Buen Día” is a formal greeting, used in Honduras and other Spanish-speaking countries, similar to its English counterpart “Good Day.” It is our wish for Hondurans every day; that they will have a good day, be grateful, and feel privileged to belong to the community of hard-working, beautiful people that is Honduras. This sentiment is the signature affixed to every feature that will ever be published on our site.